Mar 17, 2011

"Candice Does Copenhagen" by Mario Testino

If you do not have a clue as to who Mario Testino is, then I suggest that you swiftly click on the familiar x button on your tab and begone until clue in obtained, thankyouverymuch. I might not be a massive fan of all of his work but Testino is the Godfather of the fashion industry. His best friends are supermodels Kate Moss and his muse, Gisele Bundchen. Truth be told, he sometimes adopts the "whatever-the-artist-defecates-is-art" attitude (skim through his "Rio de Janeiro" book online - it vouches for that).

This post is about his latest shoot "Candice Does Copenhagen" for V magazine. I am fond of it for 2 reasons:

1. Considering that Denmark is my makeshift home, Copenhagen has become my makeshift city.

2. Photos of models stripping down to the bare basics gives you a reason to believe in Mother Nature's kindness again (however, all that goes to hell when it's time to face reality in your alone, in front of your full-length mirror). See, it's great to hear the naked truth except when it's the truth about what you look like naked. Either way, Candice & co. have nothing to worry about.

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