Nov 13, 2010


Real, raw, rowdy
Artistically decadent
Never to be shown to minors (well, what the heck, I discovered him when I was sixteen.)
Killer composition 
Instantly intriguing 
Neurotically appealing

Forgive my obvious bias but I have dwindled countless hours away ogling at Rankin's works. He covers fashion and portrait photography but his erotic/artistic nudes definitely steal the show. Similarly to Richardson (the 2nd featured artist), the excess flesh and that voyeuristic feeling that you can't shake are present. But Rankin's use of color, model choice, conceptual frameworks that'll put you in a creative trance and the general aesthetic appeal that he injects into his photographs place him on an even higher pedestal. He's also the co-creator of the magazine Dazed & Confused (a MUST if you are interested in fashion photography and popular culture). The recurrent beautiful blonde is his girlfriend, Tuuli.

Visual hedonists, enjoy the sheer talent that is Rankin.


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