Oct 19, 2010

Terry Richardson

Terry Richardson has been called the most fucked up and perverted fashion photographer of our generation but, peering in between those slightly parted fingers shielding your eyes in embarrassment, you cannot but appreciate the decadence that is Terry Richardson's work. Richardson has been known to parade around his studio wearing nothing more than his birthday suit while convincing his subjects - whether celebrities or fashion models - to do the unthinkable. It is safe to say that he is anything but a conventional photographer which is very apparent in his work. Although he has done work for major clients, such as Sisley, Vogue and Tom Ford, Richardson's on-shoot gear only consists of his point-and-shoot camera.

Raw, spontaneous, pornographic, fearless. This is Terry Richardson.


  1. Not at all! Chapelle is much more about the colors and creating surreal sets for his subjects.

    Terry is sexual, inappropriate (for most) and uses settings that are so natural that the pictures seem candid.